The plastic structure is an assembly of single injection molded parts. For each available height the parts are easily snapped together. No hardware is used for the assembly. The parts are made from ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), a material that already is in use in many subsurface applications. The material will holds its lifetime integrity in our Cur-Tech application.

The design of the structure and the way it snaps together gives the assembled structure its strength and stability. Each assembly can be an endless chain of parts without losing any stability. See the Product Testing page for more information about the results of the testing.

The back parts against the concrete chambers are made to swivel. This allows any slight gaps between the plastic and concrete parts to be closed.

The top plates are designed to slide back and forth to insure a tight fit between the plastic and concrete. The plastic straps that connect to the fin tops at the front insure that the CTL system cannot be installed improperly. This is a problem with some of the flimsy proprietary systems now on the market. The strap also makes installation and backfilling a snap.

The CTL system is constructed of the following parts:

  • Concrete chambers
  • Plastic parts
  • Filter fabric

Plastic Parts

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Technical Data

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Concrete chambers

Dimensions and CAD data

CAD drawings:

The concrete chambers are specially designed to work in conjunction with the CTL plastic parts. They are always in the H-20 versions.

Cur-Tech CTL 12, 18 & 24 are available with 4’ end pieces to allow more variables of trench lengths