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 What is the difference between the CTL system and conventional systems?


The CTL system is a product for sale. Unlike other systems where you need specific companies to install them. With the CTL system you buy the product and any state qualified person can install the system at their convenience.

 Is the CTL system difficult to install?

The CTL system is designed to maximize the total effective area of a leaching system. What this means is that you will be able to fit a septic system for private homes or commercial buildings in a smaller foot print area.

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No, the CTL system was designed by a septic installer who had his own business for 20 years. The system is easy and quick to install. The CTL system eliminates crushed stone which is used in almost every other septic system. Crushed stone is a major source of silt in septic systems. Silt dramatically shortens the life of a septic system. This is another major reason for using the CTL system.

 Can the CTL system be used under driveways and parking lots?

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 I've heard that scheduling for proprietary systems is a nightmare. How about CTL?
 What is the difference between the CTL system and other proprietary?

Yes, all the CTL systems are tested on H-20 and passed the tests even beyond the H-20 requirements.

One of the many differences between the CTL system and other proprietary systems is the material use to create its structure. While some proprietary systems are made of cardboard and other light structural material the CTL system is made of reinforced concrete and high impact A.B.S. plastic. This combination makes for an incredibly strong product. The structural design of the CTL system gives it a huge storage capacity unlike many of the other proprietary systems.